MYRTLE AVENUE (2013-2020)

Through photographic and textual documents along with personal archives and images taken over a long time at Myrtle Avenue my work will explore the personal and private elements of houses located in this small residential road beyond the airport perimeter and the meanings of the huge international airport they live alongside.

Would Myrtle Avenue have become a peripheral space without the huge and central space of the airport? This is related to the question of whether there would be a native if there were no strangers. They are each other’s mirrors. Myrtle Avenue, situated at the boundary of place and non-place, centre and periphery, always gives a faint feeling of the blowing wind from the runway and the sound of roaring engines. 

The work will explore polarised concepts of native and stranger, centre and periphery, hope and unachievable dreams, settlement and migration, residence and movement.

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