NIGHT SPOTTING (2015-2016)

This series covers the surrounding areas of Heathrow airport in London and Incheon airport in Seoul. Fast-food restaurant carparks and small alleyways in residential areas nearby airports are often taken up by minicab drivers wanting to save on airport parking fees. The improvised buildings close to airports naturally contain little authentic historicity or identity. With a focus on the uniqueness of airports, where people stay only temporarily, consequently lacking memory and historicity, I started wandering in their vicinity and documenting the giant artificial complexes. As I carefully explored the areas, I found the strict restrictions due to aviation law greatly inconvenienced locals as well as the tremendous noise of the aeroplanes. I attempt to explore my own personal perspective on the space that I confronted in my everyday comings and goings. My marginal status as an outsider and foreigner is particularly reflected in this series.

With the airport as the centre, I felt of the surroundings as a hinterland and my life was alienated from both as I hovered between them.  As an outsider who knew he did not belong to the centre, my attention moves towards the perimeter from outside. I am neither airport staff nor a local resident outside, but someone whose life involves repeatedly wandering around the airport, feeling emotionally marginalised. My series reflects this emotional gap, drawn from the alienation felt while wandering around somewhere never distant, but always unreachable.

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